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Join Young Professionals in Transportation,
 become a part of an international community of fellow transportation-oriented people
and take advantage of countless networking and learning opportunities.

The benefits of Membership include:


  • Discounts to all events

  • Access to exclusive events

  • Eligibility to run for the YPT Toronto and International Board of Directors

  • Eligibility to vote in YPT Toronto and International elections

Remember: YPT TO is a non-profit organization run by volunteers!

Your membership dues allow us to deliver more benefits and better events.

feel like doing more? join the committee!


Do you feel like being more actively involved in YPT Toronto? Are you full of ideas? Looking for a new extra-curricular? Consider becoming part of the YPT Toronto Committee. The Committee meets once a month to discuss chapter activities over pizza!


Feel free to contact us if you would like to drop by our next committee meeting and see what it's all about.

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